Abessinierkatzen – Charakteristisches Aussehen und einzigartige Herkunft

Abyssinian cats are known to many people for their beautiful appearance and slim build. But few people know that they are actually a crossbreed with wild cats. These intelligent and curious animals are generally calm but always alert. They love contact with people and feel comfortable in a family. The Abyssinian cat is a wonderful breed that was once very popular, but is now less common. She is very popular at exhibitions and cat shows. Find out everything about this unique breed and what conditions you need to create if you want to adopt such a wonderful cat.

The appearance of Abyssinian cats

Each breed of cat has its own distinctive appearance that sets it apart from others. The Abyssinian cat is a medium-sized breed with a strong and supple body. Her long and slender legs give her an elegant and delicate appearance. The head of the Abyssinian cat is characterized by its round, wedge-shaped shape, and they have characteristic tufts on the tips of their ears. Her eyes are large and almond shaped. Abyssinian cats have short, close-fitting fur that is characterized by a special color scheme. Each hair of the coat is colored in multiple bands, which is called „ticking“. The wild colored coat color is particularly well known, but today there are also other color variations.

The origin of the Abyssinian cats

If you look closely, Abyssinian cats look like African wild cats, which are the ancestors of our domestic cats. However, the exact origin story of the Abyssinian cat is not fully known. It is believed that they were brought home from Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) by British military personnel around 1860. There they were crossed with British shorthair cats, and later oriental breeds were also crossed in. Long-haired Abyssinian cats, known as Somali, have also been around since the 1970s. Unfortunately, Abyssinian cats often suffer from pyruvate kinase deficiency, an inherited disease that can lead to anemia. However, there is a reliable test to determine whether the disease is present. Reputable breeders always have their kittens tested before giving them to new owners.

Keeping and caring for Abyssinian cats

This breed of cat has adapted well to life with people. Abyssinian cats are considered intelligent and attentive, but at the same time they are cuddly. They have a close bond with their owners and family. They enjoy having lots of space and are generally active cats. They are excellent climbers and enjoy exploring trees and the garden. Abyssinian cats enjoy being outdoors and love exploring different outdoor climbing opportunities. They can be kept both as outdoor cats and as indoor cats, provided there is enough space and there are sufficient climbing opportunities.

Nutrition and care of Abyssinian cats

Cat diets are individual, and each cat has its own preferences. It is important to adapt the diet to the age, housing conditions and health of the animal. Abyssinian cats are easy to care for, and their fur can be easily combed or brushed. Most animals of this breed enjoy grooming. The fur has a beautiful shine and can be made to shine with a damp chamois leather. Vaccinations, deworming, and regular veterinary exams are also required for Abyssinian cats. Overall, Abyssinian cats are robust and affectionate with people. If they have enough exercise and activity, they are easy-going companions.

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