Die American Curl Longhair: Eine charmante und gesellige Familienkatze mit gekräuselten Ohren

The American Curl Longhair is a relatively young cat breed that originated in the USA. Their strikingly curled ears are particularly characteristic. This breed is described as extremely active, intelligent and extremely sociable and is considered the ideal family cat.

The elongated and elegant body of this charming breed is a great attraction for cat lovers. It is medium in size and can also be quite heavy. Female American Curl Longhair cats can reach a weight of up to seven kilograms, while male cats can weigh as much as nine kilograms. Their long legs and round paws make their body structure look harmonious and harmonious. The wedge-shaped head is complemented by a strong chin, and their profile has a slight curve.

However, the American Curl Longhair’s ears are particularly notable. They are round, long and the tips are curved inwards. She looks at the world with her large, walnut-shaped eyes. The fur of this beautiful cat is medium long, silky and has little undercoat. This means the fur lies flat and all color variations are permitted. A bushy tail completes their appearance.

Is she the ideal family cat?

Thanks to its pleasant nature and character traits, the American Curl Longhair is considered an ideal cat for families. She is considered not too active, but not too reserved either. She is not pushy and can actually be very tolerant. It is therefore suitable for families with children. However, regular and good grooming is important and requires appropriate time and attention. This care is essential for outdoor cats, as the American Curl Longhair’s fur can quickly become matted.

The History of the American Curl Longhair

According to reports, the first cat of this species was discovered in California, USA in 1982. The curled ears are not inherited in a dominant way. There is a 50 percent chance that the kittens will have curled ears. Kittens that do not have curled ears develop normal, straight ears instead.

The name of the breed already provides a clear indication of why it is called that. “Curl” means “to curl” in German. This is one of the main characteristics of this popular cat species. The curled ears arose due to a mutation and were specifically bred because of their special beauty. There is also a short-haired variant of this breed.

The American Curl Longhair interacts with children and other animals

The American Curl Longhair is patient with small children and can also take part in rougher games with older children. She is rather reserved and cautious towards strangers, but quickly develops a close bond with her family members. This breed is very cuddly and enjoys being petted. Although she likes and appreciates all family members, she usually has one primary caregiver with whom she enjoys spending time. The American Curl Longhair often follows its favorite person like a dog at every turn.

Thanks to her adaptability, she can easily be kept with other pets. Neither other cats nor dogs pose a problem. However, it is recommended not to keep them as a single animal, but ideally to keep them with another cat. The American Curl is very sociable and doesn’t want to be alone.

Keeping and caring for the American Curl Longhair

This breed requires adequate exercise and activities. Therefore, it can also be kept outdoors. Your favorite hobby is climbing, so there should be plenty of climbing opportunities available. These house cats need a lot of space. If they don’t have enough space, they will explore their territory. The American Curl Longhair loves to cuddle and enjoys long play sessions. Grooming should be integrated into everyday life.

If you get the kittens used to the daily care routine in a playful way right from the start, it will be much easier to comb and brush the adult animal later. With this coat, regular grooming is actually important as it makes combing easier. The better the coat is cared for, the easier it is to brush.

This affectionate cat enjoys being close to his human. If you have little time or are not at home during the day, the cat should definitely have company, ideally from another cat. The American Curl Longhair is sociable and can also live out its play instinct with other animals. She enjoys exploring her surroundings. Therefore, potentially dangerous areas, such as the balcony, should always be designed to be cat-proof.

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